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The Romanian High IQ Society (ROHIQS) limits its membership to people who have attained a minimum score of 124 on the

Culture fair intelligence test

or High range test

Online IQ tests accepted for membership:

Fiqure IQ Test
IHIQS Culture Fair IQ Test
High Range Tests
​TetrastIQ Light

Professionally administered IQ test:

California Test of Mental Maturity
Cattel Culture Fair
Concept Mastery Test
Miller Analogies Test
Raven’s Progressive Matrices
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales
Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children
Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

College admission tests:

American College Testing Program
Graduate Admission Test
Graduate Record Exam
Scholastic Aptitude Test

We also accept qualifying scores on tests from the following test designers:

We can accept for admission the persons who passed other accredited tests or members of other High IQ Societies, if they can prove a minimum 124 IQ. 

Kindly note that the test result will be sent to rittesch@yahoo.com and info@strategiiaplicate.ro for evaluation.